September 20, 2014


Roberto Lebron, Bilingual Copywriter, Screenwriter. Roberto Lebron, Redactor Bilingüe, GuionistaWhat powers the messages of companies big and small? What makes us buy?


Yes, writing. Effective writing that tells stories, entertains, informs and sells, online and off.

Every TV commercial you see, every radio ad you hear, every web page, case study or magazine article you read is created around solid, persuasive writing. And that’s exactly what I can offer you.

  • Content Writing.
  • Copywriting.
  • Sales Letters.
  • Case Studies.
  • Blogging.
  • Ghostwriting.
  • Translation.
  • Whatever you need.

Hi! My name is Roberto Lebron.

I’ve written for Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, Abbott Laboratories and other companies, and I want to write for you, too.

Bilingual and Bicultural

Unlike most other copywriters, I’m completely bilingual; I can deliver your message equally well in English or Spanish, and that’s good for you. In today’s global marketplace, if you’re only using one language, you’re leaving money on the table. I can help you reach a larger audience. Click here to see samples of my work.

Having lived in both the United States and Latin America, I not only know the languages, but also the cultures of both. That means I can speak to your customer’s hearts and minds.

Oh, and I’ll be happy to translate existing documents.

I Can Break it Down

I have also taught at every level from Kindergarten to college, and I know how to take complex technical information and break it down so it’s easily understood.

Seeing Ghosts

I can also be your ghostwriter, writing that business book or memoir you have always wanted to write, but for which you never have had the time.

I’ll deliver the goods. On time. On Target.

Whether yours is an American or a Latin American business, and whatever type of writing you need, in English or in Spanish, if you want to reach more people in their own language, I can help you.

Hire Roberto Lebron, Bilingual Freelance Writer