April 23, 2014

Flags of the World. Knowing your market's culture is crucial, at home and abroad.

The Importance of Knowing Your Market’s Culture.

How Tesco Went Down British retail giant Tesco thought they knew American culture. They didn’t. Now their mistake is costing them millions. As reported in American Public Media’s Marketplace,* “Tesco is giving up on the American market.” Marketplace Morning Report says  “Tesco, which owns the grocery store chain Fresh & Easy, has announced that it […]

Magnifying Glass

Stupid Mistakes

The Case of the Inverted Syntax. The other day I was watching a detective show on TV, and one of the main characters said that the suspect addressed someone as “mi cariño,” explaining it means “my love” in Spanish. Wrong! From Cuba With Love. The characters were supposed to be Cuban. A cuban would say […]

Deadly 60 (60 Encuentros Letales)

Deadly 60 / 60 Encuentros Letales

  Here’s a Spanish-language promo for Deadly 60, another exciting show from Animal Planet. Script by Roberto Lebron. Logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners. Edited by MagoPost.

Buscando Carros Clásicos

Buscando Carros Clásicos/Chasing Classic Cars

This is the promo for the Portuguese-language and Spanish-language versions of Chasing Classic Cars, on the Discovery Channel. This promo is in Portuguese. The original Spanish script is by Roberto Lebron. Logos and trademarks belong to their owners. Edited by MagoPost.

Problemas Perrunos/At The End of My Leash

Problemas Perrunos/At the End of My Leash

Here’s the promo for Problemas Perrunos, the Spanish language version of At the End of My Leash, from Animal Planet. Script by Roberto Lebron. Edited by MagoPost.